The Twelve Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Trying to Conceive

After launching my rather lengthy story chronicling my journey to conceive I came up with a shorter list of the top things I wish I had done or known about before starting that quest. So here is a bit of a follow up for those of you who like lists or not reading tomes.

It does not always take just one time! In fact the window for a women’s egg to be fertilized each month is very tiny. Only 30% of women get pregnant within the first cycle.

Be ready emotionally, spiritually, and physically There are many forces out there that may help prevent conception and not just physically. Address emotional concerns within yourself and with your partner before you begin trying. Release fears, doubt, or childhood trauma which will also allow you to be a more open parent as well.

Get Taking Charge of Your Fertility In fact I wish I had started this type of charting when I first started bleeding at 13 years old! This book not only addresses how to get pregnant but also how to avoid it. I cannot even begin to describe how much I learned about myself, my anatomy, and conventional myths about reproductive health. Learning your cycles well before starting to conceive will cut down on the time it takes to get there and red flag any potential problems before you spend year(s) waiting to talk to your doctor about infertility issues. Visit the website for more information: Taking Charge of Your Fertility

Have your male partner tested sooner than later It is true that ruling out any male fertility issues is much easier than with women. The trick is to get your partner to get the test in first place. We learned that it is best to get the test through your partner’s practitioner rather than on your own (i.e. at Planned Parenthood) as the results come much faster and you have someone to analyze and/or refer you to a specialist.

Get a hormonal test if you have any hormonal imbalance concerns Getting your hormones tested is a quick and generally easy blood test. This way you can find any potential red flags that can help you understand where the is a potential imbalance. I highly encourage people to not reach automatically for the Clomid but instead work with someone who will work to correct the basic imbalance naturally such as with a naturopath, herbalist, and even through nutritional changes.

Know when you ovulate! This is where the charting comes in. Because there is such a small window of time when actual conception takes place and every woman has a different time for ovulation (not all are 14 days!) then knowing your window will allow you to get pregnant. This should be determined before you begin trying – not 2 years after trying (as in my case).

Patience Sometimes it just takes awhile.

Use diet, exercise, herbs, and other non-invasive treatments before drugs or fertility treatment No really start here first! Unless you know for a fact that you have a major fertility issue that can only be helped by intense fertility treatment the majority of fertility issues are basic underlying health imbalances. You need to be in top shape before your body wants to reproduce. This will also mitigate pregnancy and fetal issues once conception takes place.

Do your research Be in the know about fertility myths and facts. Understand how synthetic hormone treatment works and what side affects they may have on your body. Don’t just assume that the conventional way is the right way.

Be aware that most insurance companies do NOT pay for fertility treatment Fertility treatment for women is simply mostly not covered. You may be lucky to have the insurance that does cover some of it -most women go into extreme debt as fertility treatment is insanely expensive.

Understand your own family history Speak with your mother and grandmother or find the information about any of their possible fertility or pregnancy issues. Your doctor will be asking these questions anyway once you are pregnant. Many times these issues can be genetic.

No expectations This was a big one for me and I had to learn it by completing a 4 day vision quest to get it through my head. Let go. Everyone is different and your journey is your own.

These are just some of my learned experiences and I am sure I had many more lessons and other women have even more lessons to pass on. Above all though have fun and love making love. Sometimes being so exact can take the magic out of conceiving with your loved one so my hope that all of this work can be accomplished before a couple gets to the point of automatic love making. Listen to your body, she is wise beyond her years.