Holiday Herbal Gifts by Feral Botanicals

Once again I have made my products to sell for the holidays. Generally I keep them around throughout the year as gifts or for people in need. This is the only time I will have extra product made to help people with their local, herbal, holiday shopping! Take a look at some of my new and old creations. To purchase you can leave a comment with your interest and I will get back to you or contact me directly if you have my personal contact information. I can take check, credit, or cash!

Ahem Herbal Throat Spray – for people who love their voice


Feral Botanicals Ahem! Herbal Throat Spray is my tincture-based spray for minor ailments of the throat and voice.
Singing, acting, and teaching is what I do on a daily basis and as luck may have it I am afflicted with recurring laryngitis and other minor throat problems.  I wanted to find a recipe that used the healing power of herbs to soothe, heal, and keep my voice healthy and strong.
The botanicals include: Cottonwood buds, Lavender flowers, Marshmallow root, Osha root, Peppermint leaf, and Tall Sagebrush leaves.  All plants were either sustainably wild-harvested by me or purchased organically.  The botanicals were infused in either Potato Vodka, Scotch Whiskey, or Brandy.  To finish off the recipe I added Organic Peppermint flavor for a refreshing, tingly feeling.
Uses:  dry scratchy throat, for laryngitis, for performers, sore throats, soothe infections, and for general every day use.
Comes in 1 and 2oz glass bottles with plastic sprayer. 
Price:  2 oz $14.00  1oz $7.00

Herbal Pitch Incense – entirely Wild-Harvested in Oregon

Pitch Incense

Feral Botanicals Herbal Pitch Incense is my only product that is made completely from harvested materials.

All of the ingredients in the incense was harvested from around Oregon – the pine and fir pitch, ceanothus spp. leaves, California mugwort leaves, and sagebrush leaves are from Eastern Oregon.  The lavender flowers and pennyroyal flowers were harvested from my garden in Eugene.
The incense is made into nickel-sized nuggets and is packaged in 4oz metal tins.  Each tin contains 12 grams of nuggets and 2 charcoal incense disk wrapped in recycled foil.
Price:  $10.00 each

Herbal Smoking Mixture


Loose leaf herb blend of organic catnip, organic peppermint, organic sage, organic uva ursi as well as wild harvested pedicularis spp. and mullein cut and mixed by hand. Great for rolling cigarettes or in pipes. The blend is wonderful as an everyday calming smoke or can be used to help with minor lung issues. Comes in clear vegetable cellulose bags.

Price: $3.00 for a 1/4 ounce

Chocolate Lip Balm – All Natural and Nearly Edible Lip Balm


Time for something truly decadent! In conjunction with my father-in-law’s chocolate business Chocolate Decadence I have created a balm that is not only chocolaty goodness but also completely natural without gross additives. Using organic ingredients the chocolate balm combines cocoa butter, cacao powder, and a chocolate flavor oil to make a smooth nourishing salve. Smells like chocolate but only has the faintest of taste and no sugar so that it stays on your lips rather than your tongue!
Price: $3.00 each

Liquid Sunshine Balm – Another Herbal Lip Balm


My newest lip balm! Using St. John’s wort as the base oil this balm is perfect to help protect from minor sun exposure and to nourish burned/chapped lips. Liquid Sunshine is scented with sweet orange and lemon essential oils.

Price: $3.00 each

Mint Balm – An Herbal Lip Balm

Feral Botanicals Mint Balm applies smoothly with a refreshing spearmint flavor.  All of my balms are hand made right down to harvesting the plants to make the oils.  The peppermint and spearmint leaves were harvested from my garden and infused in almond and sunflower oils.  The balm is hardened with bees wax and its calming scent is made with spearmint essential oil.  The lip balm tube is 85% post-consumer waste recycled plastic and the label is 100% recycled paper.  .15 ounces (4.25g)
Price:  $3.00

Herbal First Aid Stick Balm – A balm for everyday cuts and scrapes

Feral Botanicals First Aid Stick Balm comes in a lip balm tube so it can be easily carried with you.  All of my balms are hand made right down to harvesting the plants to make the oils.  The St. John’s wort flowers were safely harvested by hand and the Calendula flowers were organically purchased and infused in olive and sunflower oils.  The balm is hardened with bees wax and scented with Lavender essential oil for added medicinal benefit.  The lip balm tube is 85% post-consumer waste recycled plastic and the label is 100% recycled paper.  .15 ounces (4.25g)  Carry in your first aid kit or simply in your pocket.  Can be used for basic scrapes and cuts, insect bites, sunburns, and other minor wounds. 
Price:  $3.00

Herbal First Aid Kit – A kit designed for basic first aid needs


I have been wanting to put together a simple herbal first aid kit for years! The Herbal First Aid Kit combines conventional first aid with an herbal twist. Each kit comes in a hip pouch that can be threaded through a belt in black, green, or camo colors. Each contains:
3 Emergen-C Packets
5 Latex Free Bandages
1 Pair Latex Free Gloves
First Aid Stick Balm
1/2 Lavender Essential Oil
Kava Kava Root Tincture
Strains to Sprains Oil
Anti Bacterial Spray
4 Black Tea Bags
Plantain Leaf
1 Cotton Muslin Bag
1 Plastic Bag
1 Saftey Pin
Utility Bag
Information Card about how each item can be used
Price: $37.00

Strains to Sprains Oil – For muscle, nerve, and skin ailments

Strains to Sprains

Strains to Sprains oil is perfect for those first aid and healing needs. I love combining this trio (wild harvested St. John’s wort, cottonwood buds, and organic arnica flowers) to help with the pain and healing of muscular/skeletal issues. The oil is stored in a roll top 1oz glass bottle for easy application and no leaky mess.

Price:$7.00 each

Thyme to Clean – vinegar-based herbal cleaning spray

Thyme 2 Clean front

Feral Botanicals Thyme to Clean! is a safe, non-toxic, down-home way to clean your home.  By harnessing the natural power of vinegar I infused my garden grown thyme (Thymus vulgaris) with both white and apple cider vinegar.  It is wonderfully scented with both rosemary and lavender essential oils for that old fashioned ‘clean’ smell (newer products now also include organic thyme essential oil).  Thyme to Clean! is safe on most surfaces from counters, windows, stoves, sinks, bathtubs, and tile/linoleum floors.  A great way to help kill mold, mildew, and harmful germs.  16 ounces. 
Price:  $12.00


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