Honoring My Elder – Grandma Vera

This Friday the 29th marks the ninth anniversary of my Grandma Vera’s death. She passed just shy of her 90th Birthday with a full head of black hair and happily living on her own. My Grandmother was a ‘tough broad’ hailing from London and born the year the Great War began. Her dry sense of humour and English mumbling are some of my most fondest memories of her which includes popular phrases such as “You dirty little devils!” and (as she pulls open the front of my shirt as a young teenager) “Are you wearing a bra?”.

I give thanks to Grandma for passing on her green thumb to my mother and thus to me. Her English style gardens bring back wonderful childhood memories of fragrant blossoms, humming bees, and Sam the cat hunting through the foliage. The plant that reminds our family of her is Lavender. Lavender took center stage during her celebration of life and when I think of Grandma the smell of Lavender always accompanies my memories. And so several years after her death in 2004, I was inspired to write a song called “The Sleep of Plants” which is about my connection with Lavender and when I sing the words they are sung for Grandma Vera.

The following link will take you to the song I wrote, recorded, and performed.


Vera Sybil Mezger ~1940


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