Harvesting Belt and Stinging Nettle Outing

2013-03-02 11.07.12
A couple weekends ago my husband Matt, my apprentice Fox, my co-worker Miriam and I went on our first Nettle harvest of the year. The crop was young and the plants were no more than five inches tall. This particular stand of Nettles I had not visited for several years and was curious to see if I could spot any changes to the health of the stand. Since only about 30% of the colony has even sprouted I found it difficult to judge. However, I could still see many of last years dead stalks which was an indicator as to how dense, tall, and spread out the plants have grown.

I explained to my apprentice how best to caretake this particular plant so that it will still thrive in the seasons to come. I showed her how I like to clip just above the second or third node from the top so that within a few weeks it will re-sprout another (or maybe even two) new tops. 2013-03-02 11.12.11

Harvesting Stinging Nettle that day was also an excuse for me to try out my newly designed harvesting belt. It isn’t very fancy, simply a carpenter’s belt found at Goodwill with a carpenter’s pouch still attached. On the left side of the belt I chose to attach my Mora knife and on the right my hand clippers.
2013-03-02 11.06.37
The leather pouch is useful for the smaller objects that I like to carry around when I am harvesting and IDing plants. So far it holds:

Botany kit: (loupe, probe, six inch ruler, razor knife)
Leather gloves
Feral Botanicals First Aid Stick Salve
Sharpie and Notebook
Several tincture bottles depending on my needs
Plastic bags
My keys

Soon I hope to add a Hori Hori knife to my belt once I get a nice one.
2013-03-02 11.08.01
I was impressed with the ease of using the belt that day. I could easily reach behind me to grab something and my clipper holster was always right there for easy grabbing.

In conclusion – I loved it! I am sure there will be improvements in the future but for now it’s juuuuuust right.

Now I will leave you with a picture of a premature baby goat named Whiskey.

2013-03-02 11.41.14


4 comments on “Harvesting Belt and Stinging Nettle Outing

  1. Sally Parker says:

    HI, I was wondering what you are collecting sting nettle for? Is it edible?

    • Yes Stinging Nettle is very nutritious and is one of the plants with the some of the highest amounts of protein in the plant world. Check out my video of eating stinging nettle raw on my blog!

  2. Jon Keyes says:

    Lovely blog. I’m a huge fan of wildcrafting nettles and I also have a little daughter who is starting to learn the way of herbs. I’ve been reading fascinating stuff about the use of nettle seeds for deep kidney and adrenal burnout issues. Here is where I read the article…http://bearmedicineherbals.com/nettle-seeds-as-adrenal-adaptogen-an-update.html

    Thanks much.

    • Hi Jon. I am glad you enjoy the blog! I love that you are teaching your daughter the ways of herbs at a young age. She will pick it up incredibly fast. Thank you for the link I look forward to reading it. I see that the website is Kiva Rose – I doubly excited to read it. 😉

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