Book Review: Brew Your Medicine

I am proud and excited to announce my good friend Kristi Shapla’s first published book: 

Brew Your Medicine – How To Use Basic Kitchen Equipment To Brew Custom Herbal Beers.

Kristi has been an herbal beer brewing fairy as long as I have known her.  Her constantly-working mind never rests with all of the fantastic ideas she comes up with that has to do with delicious herbal concoctions. I am lucky enough to be counted as one of her guinea pigs and I have never been let down!

Brew Your Medicine is a 63 page guide to helping folks make their own herbal brews. There are chapters on Why Herbal Beer?, ingredients, and helpful instructions for 3 types of brewing.

So why Herbal Beer?  Here are some of Kristi’s words:

“This book is written for anyone who enjoys beer, using herbs in their daily lives, or just wants to delve into an entirely new (but actually ancient) form of medicine making.  All you need is a couple of large pots, some jugs, and a DIY spirit!  You can easily craft your own medicinal beers to help tonify you through the seasons, aid in digestion, relax, and treat a myriad of discomforts.”

I love Kristi’s chapter on Custom Herbal Formulas.  She begins by asking simple questions about the type of beer you want to brew such as,  “What are your favorite herbs?  and “How strong do you want your medicine?”  Then we are given the example of her Nettles Spring Tonic Ale and how she breaks down the main herb, supporting herbs, assisting herbs, and conducting herbs.  Wonderful information!

Other exciting and surprising chapters include some of her amazing recipes, and ideas for making food from the dregs!

Here is where to order her amazing book! and are great ways to help support Kristi.  And they are only $12.95 each – order today (cue annoying guy in jumpsuit covered in money symbols)!



2 comments on “Book Review: Brew Your Medicine

  1. Bill Van Horn says:

    I am with a hiking club (Nantahala Hiking Club) that maintains 60 miles of the Appalachain Trail. We are collaborating with a local brewery to brew a small batch beer as a fund raiser. Would like to put Kristi in touch with the local brewer (Lazy Hiker Brewing Company). We want to use ingredients that can be found locally but, want to make sure the beer in drinkable. Would hope Kristi would be willing to brainstorm with the brewer based on her experience. Hope you can provide contact information or provide my information to Kristi Shapla

    Bill Van Horn

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